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1924 Bentley 3 Litre
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Photo Courtesy: Bret Blackmore
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Benjafield’s Racing Club Yorkshire Rally
The Benjafield’s Racing Club gathered at club member Jonathan Turner’s home at Bowcliffe Hall on Saturday 15 October for the one-off Yorkshire Buccaneer event. Local enthusiasts and car owners enjoyed a day of Yorkshire-themed action at the unique MSA-approved rally, attended by a total of 41 historic cars. [More]

The Syd Lawrence Special: Surprise chassis discovery?
For sixty-six years the chassis no. for Syd Lawrence's racing car VMF 944 has been known to be the odd-sounding '102/50 ML'. Now in 2016, it has had the W.O. Chassis no. 708 bestowed on it. Deal with it. [More]

Incredibly rare 1928 Bentley car re-discovered after over 50 years
Taken apart and stored in boxes for decades, it was finally reassembled to its former state in 2015.

This 4½ litre vintage Bentley (Reg UP 2100) was taken apart and kept in boxes for more than 50 years. It has been reassembled to its former state and could now be worth £800,000. The dismantled 1928 4.5-litre Drop Head registration UP 2100 was found at a three-storey house after its owner Stuart Wallace died last year aged 75. [More]

When is a Vintage Bentley a real Vintage Bentley? And when is it a reproduction or fake?
Well known dealer and restorer Stanley Mann recently quoted auto historian Clare Hay's views on this subject. Read this piece and also the opinions of our readers. [More]

James E. Pearce - Master Coachbuilders
In the finest tradition of Vintage Bentley coachbuilding

The 'James E. Pearce' coachbuilders company was started by Jim Pearce in London in the late 1950s. His son David Pearce worked alongside Jim for over 30 years, and in the year 2000 Jim was able to retire as David took over the ownership and running of the business providing the same impeccable service to customers all over the world. [More]

The Life and Times of Chassis 348
When I was asked to write an article telling the story of our 3 litre Bentley, chassis 348, I answered “Ok, but once her 90th birthday present restoration is complete.” That has given me a 2-year reprieve, but now the time has come to put pen to paper, or should I say finger to keyboard? So, where to start? I have known the car since my father, Edgar Ridgen, called in to my boarding school in Timaru when first taking her home to Greendale, after purchasing her in 1976. But of course 348’s story starts a bit earlier than that; shall we say October 1923, her delivery date...[More]

Bentley Blue Train dominates Schloss Bensberg Classics
Some 85 years after the famous victory that made its name, the Bentley ‘Blue Train’ is still enjoying winning ways, picking up four prestigious awards at the Schloss Bensberg Classics event in Germany. The Speed Six ‘Blue Train’ coupe, owned by Mr Bruce McCaw, dominated the field at the invitation-only event, which is one of Europe’s premier classic concours shows. It was named ‘Best in Class: The Style of Speed’; ‘Best of Show: Public Vote’; ‘Best of Show: Jury Vote’; and ‘Best in Special Category: Pre-War Closed Models’. [More]

Classic Bentleys ready for action-packed summer season
Legendary cars from Bentley’s past are embarking on a tour of the world’s premier heritage and historical automotive events this summer. The ‘Blue Train’ car that famously raced the Calais-Mediterranée Express and the Team Blower that entered Le Mans in 1930 – the race ultimately won by Bentley Boys Woolf Barnato and Glen Kidston in Speed 6 'Old No 1' – are among the highlights of Bentley’s curated or treasured collection. [More]

British Speed in Italy: Bentley marks anniversary with Mille Miglia Run
In 1930, ‘Bentley Boy’ Tim Birkin claimed his aborted attempt on the Mille Miglia in his legendary Blower was due to a lack of “due preparation”. 85 years on, Bentley has ensured all plans are in place for a successful Blower run in the 2015 event. ‘Bentley Boys’ the Hon. Sir Henry (Tim) Birkin and Bentley Chairman Woolf Barnato were to be the first British drivers to attempt the thousand-mile Italian test of endurance, in a supercharged ‘Bentley Blower’ known as the No. 2 ‘Birkin Blower’. [More]

All I want is to be able to choose when to use ethanol-laced gasoline
No other column written by Jay Leno generated as much controversy as the one with the "Can’t We Just Get Rid of Ethanol?" piece. He has an ethanol-fuel vehicle — the E85 Corvette — and it runs fine on ethanol. "We built it that way. It’s fast!" he says. Today’s cars with modern fuel systems run fine on ethanol-laced gasoline. But his old cars don’t and he has no choice. [More]

Can't we just get rid of ethanol?
Jay Leno went through the 70s, the 80s and most of the 90s without ever having read much about car fires. Now suddenly, they are happening all over the place. Here’s one reason: The ethanol in modern gasoline — about 10 percent in many states — is so corrosive, it eats through either the fuel-pump diaphragm, old rubber fuel lines or a pot metal part, then leaks out on a hot engine... [More]

Bentley on a Shoestring
Years ago I owned a Bentley, NF 3906; and I spent many hours bringing it back to life. The story has never been told because Brian Morgan had written his account of a rebuild in ‘The Review’ and it made me ashamed at my feeble effort. However whilst browsing through an old copy of ‘The Review’ (January 1961), I found an article 'GT 8773 is tidied up'. In it I noticed some parallels with my efforts with NF 3906. Also in a recent 'Review' an article on ‘Why I own a Bentley’ with a footnote from the Editor 'Any more reasons'. That footnote more or less tipped the scales and although I don’t now own a Bentley, I did once and here’s why and how. [More]

The Story of the First 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1923
The year 2013 was the 90th anniversary of the very first 24 Hours of Le Mans. At 4 PM on May 26, 1923, shortly after the onset of a rain shower, the starter's flag fell. And as the assembled cars — of which only one, a Bentley 3.0 Sport, wasn't built in France — scrabbled away on the roughly surfaced road, the rain turned to hail. [More]

Recommended Reading: Bentley, Fifty Years of the Marque
With its focus on one of the world’s most prestigious automobile manufacturers, it’s not surprising that this book about Bentley automobiles is now in its third edition. Enthusiasts the world over have always respected all that company founder W.O. Bentley had achieved, and long admired the cars that bore his name. [More]

Oil filter and circulation system in Vintage Bentleys
Should the oil filter and circulation system on an early 3 Litre (or any other Vintage Bentley) be maintained as original or can it, or should it be improved or replaced? There have been several attempts in the past and apparently with good results. One disadvantage is that originality is altered. In some cases, drastically. There have been several replacement filter systems suggested in the past. Going a step further are the modifications that were done to The Great American Racer, an early 3 Litre owned by Dick Burdick that has made several rally runs across the United States. The objective was to limit engine wear and increase reliability with a modern oil pump/filter system on chassis 392. [Updated with reader comments]


QUESTION 0024: Hi, I'm very curious to know whether there was any set shade of green for vintage Bentleys. [More]

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Car clubs are lifelines and second families for owners of vintage cars. Participating in tours, social and car events provides invaluable information, restoration help and parts, as well as developing friendships which revolve around the cars. Club membership makes a Bentley more enjoyable to own. A sleeping Bentley is a great piece of sculpture — touring in it with friends makes your Bentley come alive. wants all Bentleys to come alive and produce the famous Bentley "burble" that makes everyone smile. Now, join your friends in club activities.

The following clubs have very active Bentley involvement and we encourage you to join and participate in club events.

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Feb 19, 2018 - Info and photograph received from Dean Montgomery for his Chassis No. VA4084
Feb 17, 2018 - Info and photograph received from Lionel Burrell for his Chassis No. 110
Feb 16, 2018 - Information received from W.G.R. Smith for Registration No. UC 4000
Feb 15, 2018 - Info and photograph received from Roger Morton for Chassis No. AX1663
Feb 14, 2018 - Info and photographs added for Chassis No. SM3916, 839 & HF3182
Feb 13, 2018 - Info and photographs added for Registration No. UW 5805
Feb 12, 2018 - Info and photographs added for Chassis No. 809
Feb 09, 2018 - Info and photographs added for Chassis No. LM1342
Feb 08, 2018 - New info and photographs added for Chassis Nos. WK2669 & WT2267
Feb 07, 2018 - Info and photographs added for Chassis No. SM3919
Feb 06, 2018 - New info and photographs added for Chassis Nos. SB2772 & UK3286
Feb 05, 2018 - New info and photograph added for Chassis No. XR3343
Feb 03, 2018 - New info and photograph added for Chassis No. WK2656
Feb 02, 2018 - New info and photographs added for Chassis Nos. LT1585 & BA2591
Feb 01, 2018 - Info and photographs added for Chassis Nos. YF5009 & YM5027
... Welcome Vintage Bentley Owners,
Enthusiasts and Club Members ...

As a teenage car "nut" in the 1950s I had read about Vintage Bentleys and had put them at the top of my list of the 10 most desirable cars that I hoped to one day own. My first actual exposure to them came in 1975 on a vacation to England. The sight and burbling exhaust sounds of Vintage Bentleys racing at Silverstone confirmed my desire to own one. The proud moment occurred in 1981 with the purchase of a 1925 3 Litre Speed Model (Chassis No. 869).     [More]

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For the last 50 years, Robert McLellan has collected anything and everything to do with W.O. Bentleys (including 3-litre Chassis no. 869). The idea in his head was to account for every 1919-1931 Bentley ever produced — and track it from back then to the present time. I'm sure he had no idea how he would eventually present all the history he had accumulated. And then, as if on cue, the Internet came along...     [More]

- Mona Nath, Editor-in-chief

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1924 3/4½ Litre Bentley
Chassis No. 573
1927 Bentley 4½ Litre Vanden Plas Tourer
Chassis No. ST3006
1929 3/4½ Litre Le Mans To Highest Specification.
Chassis No. HT1650
3/8 Litre Bentley
Chassis No. 299
1929 3/4½ Litre Bentley
Chassis No. PL3499
1929 Bentley4½ Litre Le Mans
Reg No. XV 7300
1927 3/4½ Litre Speed Model
Chassis No. NR515
1931 Bentley Speed Six Le Mans Rep.
Chassis No. VA4097
4/8 Litre Blower Bentley
Reg No. GX 9
1924 Bentley 3 Litre Freestone & Webb Tourer
Chassis No. 537
1930 Bentley 4.5 Liter
Reg No. SC 7121
Bentley 8 litre
Chassis No. YM5038
1925 Bentley 3/8 litre Supercharged Special
Chassis No. 1186
1926 Bentley 6 1/2 Litre Tourer
Chassis No. WK2661
1931 Bentley 4 Ltr Mulliner Sport-Saloon
Chassis No. VF4004

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