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 Q&A: 0032 Thomas Müller, Oct 25, 2017

QUESTION  When I accelerate my 6 1/2 Liter, the front wheel left starts to whobble a lot starting at about 110km/h. [More]

 Q&A: 0031 Graham Coote, Sep 04, 2017

QUESTION  What is a Sloper carburettor? [More]

 Q&A: 0030 Craig Ekberg, May 21, 2016

QUESTION  I have a 1928 4½. What kind of oil is preferable for the transmission. [More]

 Q&A: 0029 Chester McKaige, Jan 21, 2016

QUESTION  What are people using to line cone clutches? My lining came from Hoffman and Burton many years ago. [More]

 Q&A: 0028 Stephen Dealey, Jun 30, 2015

QUESTION  Do you have a catch which holds the bonnet down by Crome screws from the chassis plus 16 Crome rounded head screw bolts nuts and washer to assemble. [More]

 Q&A: 0027 Martin Podeu, Jun 29, 2015

QUESTION  Engine overheating. The engine of my 3 litre Bentley overheats after about 20 kms. The temperature rises steadily until it reaches 95 degrees and I have to stop. [More]

 Q&A: 0026 Ron Elsbury, Jan 21, 2015

QUESTION  I am restoring my engine and when purchased included was a full set of New Pistons and rings made and supplied by Julian Gosh. [More]

 Q&A: 0025 Brett Peattie, May 23, 2014

QUESTION  Hi Robert, Would you by any chance tell me how to identify a blower Bentley rear differential? [More]

 Q&A: 0024 Gerald Maiello, Mar 08, 2014

QUESTION  Hi, I'm very curious to know whether there was any set shade of green for vintage Bentleys. [More]

 Q&A: 0023 Stanley Bauer, Nov 01, 2013

QUESTION  I am looking for information about Taylor bodies in Bentleys or other makes. [More]

 Q&A: 0022 Stanley Bauer, Aug 08, 2013

QUESTION  I own Bentley 921 with a L.L.T Taylor body. The tires at present are Dunlop 5.25 5.50 6.00- 20. Are these the correct tires and wheels? The tires need replacing, what do you recommend? [More]

 Q&A: 0021 Bert Degenaar, May 22, 2013

QUESTION  Who can advise me how and where to procure leather straps for the 1925 3 litre Bentley including the triangular parts to mount this on the car. [More]

 Q&A: 0020 David Green, Jun 23, 2012

QUESTION  Do you know how I can obtain accurate drawings of the camshaft profiles of standard and speed model 3 litre Bentley. [More]

 Q&A: 0019 Koke Twigg-Smith, May 28, 2012

QUESTION  How do you remove the locking bolt/shaft/pin that holds the starter in place on a 4½? [More]

 Q&A: 0018 Ian Jones, Feb 03, 2012

QUESTION  What is the best way to put an alternator on a 4½? Replace the dynamo or fit onto prop? Which alternator? [More]

 Q&A: 0017 Erik Thomas, Nov 10, 2011

QUESTION  For the 3 liter, were the rear spare tyre mounts a standard Bentley part? or supplied buy the body maker? [More]

 Q&A: 0016 Stuart Forsey, Jul 09, 2010

QUESTION  I am looking for information concerning the best ways to make original camshaft and rockers run more quietly. [More]

 Q&A: 0015 Philip Lane, May 25, 2010

QUESTION  Does anyone know where I can get hold of a pair of air filters for a 1931 4 litre. I think they are the same as those used on the 8 litre... [More]

 Q&A: 0014 Philip Lane, Feb 18, 2009

QUESTION  On the original VDP build sheet for my 1924 speed model 4 seat sports Chassis no. 563, Reg no. XY 4001 it says: "Supply and fit Eastings rear screen with bag £6 .2. 6d." Does any one know anything about 'Eastings'? [More]

 Q&A: 0013 Tim, Dec 12, 2008

QUESTION  Does anybody have the paint formula for a 3-litre Bentley called Amaranth? Can you help please? [More]

 Q&A: 0012 Malcolm Hobbs, Aug 11, 2008

QUESTION  I own Chassis no. TN1551. The original body 1335 is still fitted and in excellent condition, and the car is used regularly. In the original specification the car was fitted with a VDP luggage rack. Has anyone any drawings or pictures of the VDP luggage rack? I would like to make and fit a new one, or repair an original. [More]

 Q&A: 0011 Hugh Apthorp, Mar 28, 2008

QUESTION I am thinking of using Mobil 1 15/50 oil in my 4½ after reading the article regarding synthetic oils on your web site. However the information given was not on the basis of any long term experience from Bentley owners. Does anyone have any advice or should I stick to Castrol GP50 or Penrites oils? [More]

 Q&A: 0010 Jim Raymond, Dec 26, 2007

QUESTION Look at this advertisement that appeared on the cover of Oct. 2007 issue of the "Classic Car Club of America Bulletin" Who/where was the Bentley dealership in New York City? How many years did Weymann make these fabric bodies and how many did they make? Did Weymann ever use any other type of material? What were advantages of the fabric body? [More]

 Q&A: 0009 Joe Walgreen, Oct 20, 2007

QUESTION I have noticed that air filters are not used on 3 Litre Bentleys with the SU sloper carburetor. With the carburetor so close to the bonnet it is difficult to devise a practical design. Has someone done this and, if so, are they available? [More]

 Q&A: 0008 Rishad Kundanmal, Oct 15, 2007

QUESTION I'm restoring an 8-Litre, YM5083, and am looking for any type of information or help on the woodwork, coachwork/interiors and any other help that anyone might think is important. [More]

 Q&A: 0007 Robert McLellan, Sep 20, 2007

QUESTION Many owners are concerned about the low oil pressure in their Vintage Bentleys. Ray Terry, restorer at the Central Texas Museum of Automotive History in Rosanky, Texas (U.S.A), had a solution for low oil pressure when starting and idling 3-litre Bentleys. While restoring Dick Burdick's 3-Litre (Chassis No. 392) for the Great American Race in 1986. This car came in 1st Place after driving from coast-to-coast across the U. S. using Ray's oil pump installation. [More]

 Q&A: 0006 John Scott, July 04, 2007

QUESTION I am restoring Chassis No. 587 and need to know what the front wing / mudguard / fender shape were when the car was new. Does anyone have any photographs they could send me? [More]

 Q&A: 0005 Scott Gulley, May 03, 2007

QUESTION I am trying to locate a replacement pedal assembly that I saw a short time ago. The assembly is designed, I believe, to move the throttle to the right, while moving the brake pedal to the center of the three pedals, but right of the steering column. [More]

 Q&A: 0004 Kurt Furger, Apr 12, 2007

QUESTION I just bought my second Bentley, a 1931 4 Litre chassis with and 8-Litre engine which comes in handy in the rocky mountains. The canvas top needs to be blackened, do you know of a shop doing that or appropriate material I should use? [More]

 Q&A: 0003 Robert McLellan, Mar 30, 2007

QUESTION I will soon have my 3 Litre back on the road. One of the reasons I was inspired to do a complete ground-up restoration was that a modern car drove into my rear wing (fender), crushing it badly. I was not impressed with my insurance company which, supposedly, specializes in antique cars. [More]

 Q&A: 0002 Robert McLellan, Mar 28, 2007

QUESTION After purchasing my 3 Litre (Chassis No. 869), like most owners, I was concerned about proper maintenance. Regular oil changes are essential. After the shock of how much oil the engine holds, I had a second surprise. The oil filter did not look very effective... At the time The Technical Facts of the Vintage Bentley did nothing to shed light on a modern paper filter replacement for the original gauze filter. Inspired by a "BDC Review" article by Robert Middelmann in the August 1995 review I created the following modified filter using a filter for a Mercedes-Benz 300 Series six-cylinder 3.0 fuel injected model... [More]

 Q&A: 0001 Robert McLellan, Jan 20, 2007

QUESTION These headlight mounts were fitted to a 1925 Bentley 3 Litre Speed Model (Chassis No. 869) and are probaby incorrect. The aluminum castings are crude. The hole in the frame for the wires sits between the mounting holes, indicating that the wires should be totally enclosed... [More]

Jan 19, 2018 - Info and photograph added for Registration No. GU 858
Jan 18, 2018 - Info and photographs added for Registration No. GP 42
Jan 17, 2018 - Info and photograph added for Registration No. UV 3070

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