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Two Fine Paintings for sale
Front and side views of 4½ litre Supercharged Chassis number SM3905 at rest on the greensward with Burghley House, Lincolnshire, England in the background.

- Oil on canvas
- 39" wide x 27"
- Signed: Abrams
- Framed
- Price $1800
  Three Litre 1926 Vanden Plas Speed Model, Chassis number LT1579 standing on the strand with seascape and sailing ships in the background.

- Oil on canvas
- 27" wide x 23"
- Signed: Abrams
- Framed
- Price $1800
  Posted: Apr 11, 2015  
C O N T A C T     S E L L E R
  John S. Mackiernan
36 Mayflower Street, Plymouth, Massachusetts 02360-3414, USA
Phone: 508-746-1988 :: E-mail:
Collection of Reviews

"Hi Robert, I sold my Bentley two years ago, so now would like to sell my collection of Reviews. I have 1 through 292 missing only 232... The first 29 or 30 are the clubs reprints... 1 - 252 are in the club binders... I would sell them all for $500.00 plus shipping at cost"

  Posted: Apr 10, 2015  
C O N T A C T     S E L L E R
Phone: 941-730-2036 :: E-mail:
Vintage Bentley Book

"The Hat Trick"
"As a 3 litre Bentley owner with an entry in your owner pages I have been going through my Bentley literature. One of the books I would like to sell, I have seen them for sale over the years for £300 to £400. Is there a market for such, if so could you let me know. Mine is in excellent condition."

"I have a copy in good condition, it is for sale if you are interested. I have a 3 litre bentley, it is not for sale."

  Posted: Feb 20, 2015  
C O N T A C T     S E L L E R
  Lionel Burrell
Vintage Bentley Manual

Vintage Bentley Manual
By J.H. Haynes & Co. Ltd., 44 Old Bond Street, London W1

No date but printed in old Xerox type face with several black and white illustrations
- Details of model identification by label colour
- Development & Racing History
- Contemporary Road tests
- Starting & Handling Instructions
- Bentley Buyers Guide

- The inside pages are in very good condition however there is an ink drawing on the rear cover

Picture on request.
£40 ONO (50% of sale price will be donated to charity)
Postage £2.60 (UK) second class.
Other countries please enquire.

  Posted: Jan 04, 2014  
C O N T A C T     S E L L E R
  Gordon Webster, 4 Springfield, Preston Patrick, Cumbria, LA7 7PB, England
Phone: 07837435554 :: E-mail:

Complete set, #1 through #264, no reprints. Includes special issues, as well as members lists, Previews, club notes, Advertisers since seller joined the BDC in the 1980s. Priority mail within the US included. $2500. Email for details or questions to

  Posted: May 27, 2012  
C O N T A C T     S E L L E R
  Thurston Twigg-Smith Jr. :: E-mail: :: Phone: 802 234-9050  
Books / Literature

Rare, out of print, elusive, useful and interesting books, magazines, sales catalogues, etc., on motor cars, motoring, motorcycling and commercials from 1895.

17. Bruce, Hon Mrs Victor. NINE LIVES PLUS. Pelham 1977. Caught speeding (67 mph) when under 16 this lady drove at Thruxton (110 mph) when 78. In between she raced, rallied and broke records. Borrowed Birkin’s 4½ BENTLEY and did a record breaking 2164 miles in 24 hours at Montlhery (the car then went to Lord Howe to drive at Le Mans the following month). She passed away 21 May 1990. 191 pages 8½ x 5½ DJ. Scarce. £25

165. Sedgwick, Stanley. MOTORING MY WAY. Batsford. First Edn 1976. The late Stanley Sedgwick,Patron and former President of the Bentley Drivers Club from 1942, when he bought his first Bentley, was a leading motoring enthusiast. Bentleys were his first love, and the book deals in depth with the 3, 4½, 6½, 8 litre, Mk. VI, R-type Continental and Turbo Rs. But the range is broad, and other models include Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow and Corniche, Cadillac Eldorado, 1910 Mercedes, Lincoln Continental, 250 GT Ferrari, Daimler, Jowett-Javelin, and a 1904 Darracq. 256 pages 10 x 7¾. Mint in mint DJ with full colour artwork of Stanley in his 8 litre by Roy Nockolds. £20

545. BENTLEY. Bastow, D. W O BENTLEY : ENGINEER. Haynes 1978. Ex designer of R-R independent suspensions became assistant to WO at Lagonda and until 1950. Excellent solid engineering biography of W.O. 366 pages 10 x 7¼ DJ. Now extremely rare. £125

546. BENTLEY. Benjafield, Dr J Dudley (Benjy). THE BENTLEYS AT LE MANS. MRP 1948. Motor Racing Scrapbook No.5. Famous Bentley driver recounts first hand. 48 pages plus colour card covers 11 x 8¾. Spiral binding is cracked, card covers edgy, so half price - £48

547. BENTLEY. Bentley, W O. THE CARS IN MY LIFE. Hutchinson 1961. Continuation/revision of WO’s autobiography. 157 pages 9¼ x 6 DJ. £20

548. BENTLEY. Bentley, W O. ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF THE BENTLEY CAR. Allen & Unwin. First Edn 1964. A visual summary. 192 pages 10 x 7¾ DJ. £42

549. BENTLEY. Bentley, W O. MY LIFE AND MY CARS. Hutchinson. First Edn 1967. Autobiography. 240 pages 9¼ x 6¼ DJ. £38

550. BENTLEY. Berthon, D. A RACING HISTORY OF THE BENTLEY. Autobooks. 2nd Edn 1962. By 1960 the first edition of 1956 hade become rare and sought after so I arranged with Bodley Head to publish a second edition. There are a number of additions/corrections to the first edition but a major political clanger had been omission of due acknowledgement to Bill Boddy and his book History of Brooklands Motor Course. Darell had all this in his head and carried out all the additions and corrections over lunch at the London Steak House in Baker St. 144 pages 10 x 7½ CCDJ. Very rare indeed. £95

551. BENTLEY. Bobbitt, Malcolm. W.O.BENTLEY : THE MAN BEHIND THE MARQUE. Breedon 2003. A personal biography of W.O. 256 pages 9¾ x 6½ DJ. £20

552. BENTLEY. Boothman, John. BOOMING BUFFERS. Red Label 2003. Humorous BENTLEY verses and cartoons. Colour illustrations by Tim Bulmer. 136 pages gold embossing to front and to spine 9¾ x 7. This is copy 141 from the run of 500 only. It is numbered and signed in ink by the author and contained in its original slipcase. All mint. £75

553. BENTLEY. Feast, Richard. THE DNA OF BENTLEY. Motorbooks 2004. How to keep faith with the old image whilst bringing the marque up to date. Life for the Bentley heritage under new owners VW. 160 pages 11 x 8½. Mint in mint DJ. £20

554. BENTLEY. Frostick, M. BENTLEY : FROM CRICKLEWOOD TO CREWE. Osprey 1980. The men, the money, the cars and the racing. 302 pages 10 x 7¾ DJ. £50

555. BENTLEY. Green, Johnnie. BENTLEY : FIFTY YEARS OF THE MARQUE. Dalton Watson. First Edn 1969. A top quality production includes nearly 600 photographs. 294 pages 10 x 7½. Excellent copy in slightly chipped DJ. £30

556. BENTLEY. Green, Johnnie. FIFTY YEARS OF THE MARQUE. Dalton Watson. 2nd Revised Edn 1978. Excellent, DJ. £48

557. BENTLEY. Hay, M. BENTLEY : THE VINTAGE YEARS 1919-31. Dalton. First Edn 1986. Without doubt the most comprehensive survey of the vintage Bentley. Over 500 photographs, many newly discovered, others unpublished before. Complete list of chassis numbers with information on each, exhaustive chapter on each of the seven models and on racing. 522 pages 9½ x 8½. Fine in fine DJ. Extremely rare. £295

558. BENTLEY. Hay, M. BENTLEY : THE FACTORY CARS 1919-1931. Osprey. First Edn 1993. Reconciles the diverse views and records by close questioning past Bentley employees and by diligent
research. Full technical histories, facsimiles of bench test reports, Nobby Clarke’s own notes. 352 pages 11 x 8 fine in fine DJ. Extremely rare. £295

559. BENTLEY. Hay, Michael. BENTLEY : THE VINTAGE YEARS. H M Bentley and Partners. 2nd Edn 1997. Certainly the most comprehensive survey of the 1919-31 Bentleys. Over 500 photographs.
Complete list of chassis numbers with information on each. Incloudes racing. 507 pages 9¼ x 8½ fine in fine DJ. £210

560. BENTLEY. Hay, Michael. BENTLEY : OLD NUMBER ONE. No.1 Press 1999. Winner of Le Mans 1929 went on to win the 1929 Brooklands Six Hour. Rebuilt, won Le Mans again in 1930, etc. Crashed 1932, rebuilt as road going. Rebodied twice. Big court battle 1990 as to provenance. 97 pages 9½ x 8. Mint in mint DJ. £25

561. BENTLEY. Hillstead. THOSE BENTLEY DAYS. Faber. First Edn 1953. Bentley lore by the first Sales Manager. 196 pages 9 x 5¾ CCDJ. £40

One of Cocteau’s jokes. Talking of a chameleon, he said: “Its master put it down on a tartan rug and it died of over-exertion.” Liane de Pougy

CCDJ Denotes Colour Copy Dust Jacket. These are top quality full colour lazer copies of the original dust jacket. Each is protected by being loosely inserted in a clear plastic sheath. They
look magnificent.

562. BENTLEY. Hillstead. FIFTY YEARS WITH MOTOR CARS. Faber and Faber. First Edn 1960. Much Bentley content as Hillstead was Sales Manager to W O Bentley. 224 pages 8¾ x 5¾ DJ. £30

563. BENTLEY. Houlding, Timothy. THE LEGENDS AND THE THUNDER NO.1. T Houlding 1982. A detailed history of Experimental Bentley Number 2, the first racing Bentley. 72 pages plus gold embossed binding 8¼ x 11¾. £32

564. BENTLEY. Jackson, Stanley. THE GREAT BARNATO. Heinemann. First Edn 1970. Born 1852, huckster, pedlar, juggler. Went to South Africa, made fortune from diamonds, another from gold. His son Woolf (known as Babe) raced the Blue Train to Cannes in his BENTLEY, honeymooned in an 8 litre, bankrolled them and won at Le Mans 1928, 1929 and 1930. 178 pages 8¾ x 6. DJ present but missing 1½ at top of spine. £30

565. BENTLEY. Nagle, E. THE OTHER BENTLEY BOYS. Harrap. First Edn 1964. The stories of Nobby Clarke (Foreman), Walter Hassan (travelling racing specialist), Leslie Pennal (racing mechanic) and Wally Saunders (racing mechanic). 222 pages 9½ x 6¼ DJ. £38

566. BENTLEY. O’Connell, Geoffrey. THE FORGOTTEN BENTLEY BOY. Willowbridge 2008. The life story of Tim Thistlethwayte who raced and socialised in the motor racing field 1924-30. 262 pages 11¼ x 8½ DJ. £35

567. BENTLEY. Robson, Graham. BENTLEY : A LEGEND REBORN. Haynes 2003. Traces the path of its complex history. Founded 1919, failure 1931, Derby, Crewe and VW from 1998. 168 pages 11 x 8½. Mint in mint DJ. £20

568. BENTLEY. Winther, Johnnie. BENTLEY : LIGHTER MOMENTS WITH OUR HEAVY METAL. WOBMF 2001. An amusing pot pourrie. 186 pages 8½ x 6. Mint in mint DJ. £20

569. BENTLEY : LE MANS 1927. Publicity Booklet issued by Bentley to record the story of the 1927 Le Mans Road Race won by SCH Davis and Dr Benjafield in a Bentley 3 litre. Action photographs plus 5 illustrations by de Grineau and one Gordon Crosby. Full accounts of the race. 24 pages plus oversize cream card covers with applied gold embossed badge with a cord tie 9¾ x 6¼. The same comments regarding oversize covers apply here. The cream covers are showing some foxing and also some dust gathering. The first and last pages show some shady dust gathering but the rest of the interior is excellent. £350

570. BENTLEY : LE MANS 1927. Publicity Booklet issued by Bentley to record the story of the 1927 Le Mans Road Race won by SCH Davis and Dr Benjafield in a Bentley 3 litre. Action photographs plus 5 illustrations by de Grineau and one Gordon Crosby. Full accountsw of the race. 24 pages plus oversize cream card covers with applied gold embossed badge with a cord tie 9¾ x 6¼. This is in absolutely new condition but I have taken expert advice and it is not original but a FACSIMILE! I have not seen or heard of another facsimile but the last owner told me he bought it as an original many years ago and he thought it was done in Sweden. £150

571. BENTLEY : THE HAT TRICK 1929. Publicity Booklet issued by Bentley to commemorate the fourth win (third consecutive) at Le Mans. Many action photographs and includes Gordon Crosby illustration of Barnato’s 6½ leading the Stutz. Full accounts of the race of course with First 6½ Barnato/Birkin; Second 4½ Kidston/Dunfee; Third Benjafield/d’Erlanger and Fourth Clement/Chasagne. Thirteen photographs, one Gordon Crosby and one Bryan de Grineau artwork illustration. 36 pages 10 x 6¼ plus oversize card covers embossed in blue and gold with a gold cord tie. On a scale of New Excellent Good Fair Poor, it is between Excellent and Good. All oversize covers tend to take the brunt of usage and here the top and bottom of the spine show wear. The first and last pages show some shady dust gatherings, but the rest of the interior is excellent at least. £325

572. BENTLEY GOLDEN JUBILEE BOOK 1919-1969. The Bentley Drivers Club celebrated the Golden Jubilee of the first Bentley in fine style. During the first week in January the Bentley Golden Jubilee Book left Heathrow in a mahogany box. During the next few months it was signed by as many members as possible, it went right round the World and crossed the Atlantic three times. The Book was present at many functions, rallies and races and returned on the eve of the Annual Dinner where it went on exhibit. This is the full story of that trip and of all the events that became associated with it. A piece of Bentley history. 160 pages 8¾ x 5¾ DJ. £30

573. BENTLEY DRIVERS CLUB : GOLDEN JUBILEE BOOK 1936-86. Fifty years of the BDC, this book packed with Bentley lore celebrates that period. 276 pages 8½ x 6¼. Mint in mint DJ. £15

574. BENTLEY : TECHNICAL FACTS OF THE VINTAGE BENTLEY. BDC. 4th Edn 1984. Tells all on vintage Bentley. Includes folding charts. 400 pages bound in original loose leaf binding 10¼ x 8¼. £48

575. BENTLEY 1933-39. A complete collection of Service Instruction Leaflets issued by Bentley for the 3½ and 4¼ models issued 1945-46 to assist with recommissioning. 150 leaves printed one side in original punch filed binder 9¼ x 6½. Grubby thumb marks but quite OK. £60

576. BENTLEY 4½. Original Handbook No.182 issued for chassis XL3717. B edition. The original blue foldover hardback binding is in a poor state. Inside has a few thumb marks but otherwise excellent and complete with rev charts and folding lubrication chart. 86 pages 10 x 7¼. £325

577. BENTLEY 4½. Facsimile Handbook. Original was issued for XT3631. Neatly done and including rev chart and folding lubrication chart. 85 pages bound in green hardback with gold embossed titling to front 9½ x 6½. £95

578. BENTLEY CONTINENTAL GT 2010. Autumn 2010 issue of BENTLEY magazine in which is announced this model together with the accompanying wallet containing 6 photographs 8¼ x 11¾. Mint.

647. D.F.P. Brown, Bruce H. W.O.BENTLEY AND THE D.F.P. Bentley and Bentley Ltd 2003. W.O. and his older brother imported D.F.P. cars from France from 1912 and entered many competitions with some success up to the 1914 war. Postwar interest in D.F.P. faded and Bentley Motors Ltd was formed in 1920. This book is about the D.F.P. with copy Handbooks and Brochures. 199 pages 9½ x 6¼. Mint in mint DJ. £30



C O N T A C T     S E L L E R
  Kenneth Ball, 7 Mulberry Lane, Ditchling BN6 8UH, Sussex, England
Ph: +44 (0)1273 84 5000 :: E-mail: ::
Literature / Memorabilia

TMB Art Metal has designed a collection of beautifully crafted limited edition cufflinks and sculptures - but with an important rather special difference. Each piece is cast incorporating actual 'donor' metal from one of the world's most iconic cars, aeroplanes or boats and effectively fuses understated elegance and luxury with heritage and history. One design which is just being launched is our Bentley Old Number 2 Cufflinks Edition.

'Old Number 2' is a works Speed Six purposefully built to compete in the 1930 Le Mans race and today is one of the finest and most original vintage Bentleys in existence. It also holds the record as the most expensive Bentley ever sold at auction, being purchased by its current owner for just under £3million, although the car is now likely to be worth £5million.

RC Moss restored old No. 2 recently and TMB acquired the small number of redundant components removed and some of this 'donor' metal will now be incorporated into two limited editions of cufflinks. One edition, which comprises 175 pairs, replicates Old No. 2's iconic radiator. The dark bronze stone guards are cast in bronze from the main bearing shells whilst the outer casing is cast in aluminium from the car's engine front closing plate, both donor components being original to when Old No. 2 was built. The second edition, the Spinners, comprise just 150 pairs and represent the iconic 'knock off' wheel hubs that Old No. 2 utilises. In tribute to the originals the bronze spinners are threaded so that they can be unscrewed if desired. The cufflink arms are cast in 18ct yellow gold whilst the old French 2 on the Radiators is in 18ct white.

The cufflinks are presented in beautiful hand made leather cases and each pair is accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity together with provenance booklet, which details the manufacture of the links and verifies the history of the metal which they incorporate.

TMB's Bentley Old Number 2 cufflinks are a fusion of luxury with heritage, which offers purchasers the opportunity to own, and wear, a true piece of automotive history. The ideal gift for the cufflink-wearing, car loving gent, who thought he had everything!

The Radiators are £1195 ($2390) and the Spinners £995 ($1990). Both are available exclusively from TMB on +44 208 810 9997 or

C O N T A C T     S E L L E R
  E-mail: :: Ph: +44 208 810 9997  

Year: 1986   (Item #B13218)  -  Photo 1   Photo 2   Photo 3   Photo 4   Photo 5   Photo 6  
BENTLEY (History):
36 page color catalog, 13x9. Front cover is closeup photograph of grille and emblem on red car / back cover is closeup of grille and emblem on blower Bentley. This interesting press kit is more like a softbound book. It contains articles on W. O. Bentley, "65 Years of Bentley", "The Milestones of LeMans", "The Bentley Boys" and the craftsmanship that goes into a Bentley automobile. Includes eighty-four photographs of the cars and the men behind the cars, eight reproductions of advertisements and a page with photograph of twenty-five postcards showing Bentleys throughout the years. Includes beautiful cutaway drawing by Vic Berris. Nice! Price: $30.

C O N T A C T     S E L L E R
  Robert McLellan, 9111 Longstaff Drive, Houston, TX 77031

Item #E9421 - BENTLEY, No. 21, Spring, Sping 2007: Price: $5.

Jun. 1959: Price: $15.
Jan. 1961: Price: $15.

Item #E9241 - BENTLEY: DRIVING . OWNING . ENJOYING, Issue No. 01, 2002: Price: $10.
Item #E9242 - BENTLEY: DRIVING . OWNING . ENJOYING, Issue No. 02, 2002: Price: $10.
Item #E9243 - BENTLEY: DRIVING . OWNING . ENJOYING, Issue No. 03, 2002: Price: $10.
Item #E9244 - BENTLEY: DRIVING . OWNING . ENJOYING, Issue No. 04, 2002: Price: $10.
Item #E9245 - BENTLEY: DRIVING . OWNING . ENJOYING, Issue No. 05, 2003: Price: $10.
Item #E9246 - BENTLEY: DRIVING . OWNING . ENJOYING, Issue No. 06, 2003: Price: $10.
Item #E9247 - BENTLEY: DRIVING . OWNING . ENJOYING, Issue No. 07, 2003: Price: $10.
Item #E9248 - BENTLEY: DRIVING . OWNING . ENJOYING, Issue No. 08, 2003: Price: $10.
Item #E9249 - BENTLEY: DRIVING . OWNING . ENJOYING, Issue No. 09, 2004: Price: $10.
Item #E9250 - BENTLEY: DRIVING . OWNING . ENJOYING, Issue No. 12, 2004: Price: $10.
Item #E9251 - BENTLEY: DRIVING . OWNING . ENJOYING, Issue No. 13, 2005: Price: $10.
Item #E9252 - BENTLEY: DRIVING . OWNING . ENJOYING, Issue No. 17, 2006: Price: $10.

Item #E6944 - QUESTE (England), Issue One, 1984: Price: $15.
Item #E6945 - QUESTE (England), Issue Two, 1984: Price: $15.
Item #E6219 - QUESTE (England), Issue Three, 1985: Price: $15.
Item #E6946 - QUESTE (England), Issue Four, 1985: Price: $15.
Item #E6220 - QUESTE (England), Issue Five, 1986: Price: $15.
Item #E6011 - QUESTE (England), Issue Six, 1986: Price: $15.
Item #E6012 - QUESTE (England), Issue Seven, 1986: Price: $15.
Item #E6013 - QUESTE (England), Issue Eight, 1987: Price: $15.
Item #E6014 - QUESTE (England), Issue Nine, 1987: Price: $15.
Item #E6942 - QUESTE (England) - Special Issue: Camargue, 1987: Price: $20.
Item #E6811 - QUESTE (England), Issue Ten, 1988: Price: $15.
Item #E6812 - QUESTE (England), Issue Eleven, 1988: Price: $15.
Item #E6947 - QUESTE (England), Issue Twelve, 1989: Price: $15.
Item #E6221 - QUESTE (England), Issue Thirteen, 1989: Price: $15.
Item #E6948 - QUESTE (England), Issue Fourteen, 1990: Price: $15.
Item #E6222 - QUESTE (England), Issue Fifteen, 1990: Price: $10.
Item #E6949 - QUESTE (England), Issue Sixteen, 1990: Price: $10.
Item #E6809 - QUESTE (England), Issue Seventeen, 1990: Price: $10.
Item #E6010 - QUESTE (England) - Special Edition, 1990: Price: $20.
Item #E6808 - QUESTE (England), Issue Eighteen, 1991: Price: $10.
Item #E6813 - QUESTE (England), Issue Nineteen, 1991: Price: $10.
Item #E6814 - QUESTE (England), Issue Twenty, 1991: Price: $10.
Item #E6815 - QUESTE (England), Issue Twenty One, 1992: Price: $10.
Item #E6950 - QUESTE (England), Issue Twenty Two, 1992: Price: $10.
Item #E6810 - QUESTE (England), Issue Twenty Three, 1993: Price: $10.
Item #E6816 - QUESTE (England), Issue 24, 1993: Price: $10.
Item #E6951 - QUESTE (England), Issue 25, 1993: Price: $10.
Item #E6952 - QUESTE (England), Issue 26, 1993: Price: $10.
Item #E6953 - QUESTE (England), Issue 27, 1993/94: Price: $10.
Item #E6954 - QUESTE (England), Issue 28, 1994: Price: $10.
Item #E6957 - QUESTE (England), Issue 31, 1994: Price: $10.
Item #E8485 - QUESTE (England), Issue 33, 1995: Price: $10.
Item #E8342 - QUESTE (England), Issue 34, 1995: Price: $10.
Item #E8343 - QUESTE (England), Issue 35, 1995/96: Price: $10.
Item #E8344 - QUESTE (England), Issue 36, 1996: Price: $10.
Item #E8345 - QUESTE (England), Issue 37, 1996: Price: $10.
Item #E8435 - QUESTE (England), Issue 40, 1997: Price: $10.
Item #E7823 - QUESTE (England), Issue 44, 1998: Price: $10.
Item #E8486 - QUESTE (England), Issue 47, 1998: Price: $10.
Item #E8347 - QUESTE (England), Issue 48, 1999: Price: $10.
Item #E9263 - QUESTE (England), Issue 49, 1999: Price: $10.
Item #E9236 - QUESTE (England), Issue 50, 1999: Price: $10.
Item #E8483 - QUESTE (England), Issue 51, 1999: Price: $10.
Item #E9237 - QUESTE (England), Issue 55, 2000: Price: $10.
Item #E9238 - QUESTE (England), Issue 56, 2001: Price: $10.

C O N T A C T     S E L L E R
  Robert McLellan, 9111 Longstaff Drive, Houston, TX 77031

Year: 1984   (Item #A1966)  -  Photo 1  
1984: First edition. 10 page article compares 1930 4 1/2 Litre SC to 1984 Mulsanne Turbo. Price: $25.

Year: 1986   (Item #A1668)  -  Photo 1  
1986: Filled with photographs of vintage Bentleys, racing and club members having just plain good fun. Humorous captions make for light hearted reading and/or reminiscing. Sb. 44 pages. Price: $25.

C O N T A C T     S E L L E R
  Robert McLellan, 9111 Longstaff Drive, Houston, TX 77031



Year: 1962   (Item #C3583)  -  Photo 1
1962: 64 pages. Price: $25.

C O N T A C T     S E L L E R
  Robert McLellan, 9111 Longstaff Drive, Houston, TX 77031

Year: 1931   (Item #F6581)  -  Photo 1  
BENTLEY (Sport Touring):
Postcard, 4x6. Front of card is photograph showing three-quarter frontal view of black Bentley Sport Touring car, with red upholstery and trim, parked on country lane. Reverse side has brief description and is unused. Postcard was produced and sold by the Briggs Cunningham Automotive Museum from a car in the collection. I.D. #37618. Copyright 1972. Price: $5.

Year: 1989   (Item #F6994)  -  Photo 1  
148 pages. In association with Lord Montagu of Beaulieu. "Automobiles Jaguar, Aston Martin, Lagonda et Bentley". May 3. Price: $35.

Year: 1990   (Item #F6166)  -  Photo 1  
88 pages. "Sale of Important Historic and Sporting Automobiles". Comes with separate 4 page color folder with side view photograph of black 1954 Bentley R-Type Continental with description and four admission tickets. May 6. Price: $25.

Year: 1989   (Item #F6979)  -  Photo 1  
SOTHEBY'S AUCTION, Paulerspury, Northamptonshire, England:
108 pages. "Rolls-Royce and Bentley Motor Cars, Automobilia and Related Material". Jun. 16. Price: $35.

Year: 1990   (Item #F6978)  -  Photo 1  
SOTHEBY'S AUCTION, Paulerspury, Northamptonshire, England:
100 pages. "Rolls-Royce and Bentley Motor Cars, Automobilia and Related Material". Jun. 15. Price: $35.

Year: 1991   (Item #F6975)  -  Photo 1  
SOTHEBY'S AUCTION, Castle Ashby, Northamptonshire, England:
88 pages. "Rolls-Royce and Bentley Motor Cars, Automobilia and Related Material". Comes with separate flyer soliciting donations for "The Charles Rolls Wing Appeal". Jun. 15. Price: $25.

Year: 1992   (Item #F6974)  -  Photo 1  
SOTHEBY'S AUCTION, Castle Ashby, Northamptonshire, England:
72 pages. "Rolls-Royce and Bentley Motor Cars, Automobilia and Related Material". Jun. 13. Price: $25.

C O N T A C T     S E L L E R
  Robert McLellan, 9111 Longstaff Drive, Houston, TX 77031
Jan 19, 2018 - Info and photograph added for Registration No. GU 858
Jan 18, 2018 - Info and photographs added for Registration No. GP 42
Jan 17, 2018 - Info and photograph added for Registration No. UV 3070

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