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R E F E R E N C E     M A T E R I A L S

The following is a comprehensive list of books, periodicals, magazines and records with extensive information pertaining to Vintage Bentleys.

No original information and/or photographs created by these authors will intentionally appear on this website. Throughout the website there are footnotes which will direct readers to information that appears in the "Reference Materials". We encourage readers to obtain the information by purchasing it from available sources. Recommendations available on request.

B O O K S           M A G A Z I N E S           R E C O R D I N G S
V I N T A G E    B E N T L E Y    B O O K S
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All the Pre-War Bentleys As New
Stanley Sedgwick and Hugh Young (Bentley Drivers Club), 1976 (Ref. No. PB1)

All the Pre-War Bentleys As New (Supplement)
Stanley Sedgwick (Bentley Drivers Club), 1982 (Ref. No. PB2)
Another Vintage Bentley Book
John Dowdeswell, c1964 (Ref. No. AVBB)
"Autocar" on Bentley
"Autocar", 1988 (Ref. No. AOB)
Automobile Quarterly
Vol. 2, No. 4, "Automobile Quarterly", 1964 (Ref. No. AQ2:4)
Automobile Quarterly
Vol. 6, No. 4, "Automobile Quarterly", 1968 (Ref. No. AQ6:4)
Automobile Quarterly
Vol. 22, No. 4, "Automobile Quarterly", 1984 (Ref. No. AQ22:4)
Automobile Quarterly
Vol. 41, No. 1, "Automobile Quarterly", 2001 (Ref. No. AQ41:1)
"B.D.C. Gazette", Quarterly Issues July 1938 to July 1939 Inclusive, "The"
Bentley Drivers Club, 1969 (Ref. No. BDCG)
Bentley 4 Litre Supercharged
Michael Hay, 1990 (Ref. No. B4.5LSC)
Bentley: A Racing History
David Venebles, 2011
Bentley Bedside Book
Hugh Young (Bentley Drivers Club), 1961 (Ref. No. BBB)
rcm... Bentley Cars: 1919-1929
R. M. Clarke (Brookland Books), 1969 (Ref. No. BC19-29)
rcm... Bentley Cars: 1929-1934
R. M. Clarke (Brooklands Books), 1969 (Ref. No. BC29-34)
rcm... Bentley Cars: 1940-1945
R. M. Clarke, 1969
Bentley Drivers Club Review Index: Nos. 1 to 180
Compiled by Hugh Young, 1991
Bentley Drivers Club Review Index: Nos. 181 to 220
Compiled by Hugh Young, 2001
Bentley Drivers Club Review: Technical Index - Nos. 1 to 137
Compiled by Roy W. Stanwell
Bentley Era: The Fast and Furious Story of the Fabulous Bentley Boys
Nicholas Foulkes, 2006
Bentley: Four Cylinder Models, In Detail
3-Litre, 4½-Litre & 4½-Litre Supercharged, 1921-1930
James Taylor, 2012
Bentley: Six Cylinder Models, In Detail
6½-Litre, Speed Six, 8-Litre & 4-Litre, 1926-1931
James Taylor, 2012
Bentley Golden Jubilee Book: 1919-1969, The
Bentley Drivers Club, 1969 (Ref. No. BGJB1919-69)
Bentley Golden Jubilee Book: 1936-1986, The
Bentley Drivers Club, 1986 (Ref. No. BGJB1936-86)
Bentley Heritage
Richard Bird, 1991 (Ref. No. BH)
Bentley Motor Cars, 1921-1970: A Bibliography
G. D. L. Paterson, 1970 (Ref. No. BMC21-70)
Bentley Past & Present
Rivers Fletcher, 1982 (Ref. No. BPP)
Bentley Specials & Special Bentleys
Ray Roberts, 1990 (Ref. No. BSSB1)
Bentley Specials & Special Bentleys, Volume II
Ray Roberts, 2003 (Ref. No. BSSB2)
(Available through his web site at
Bentley: "Old Number One"
Michael Hay, 1999 (Ref. No. BONO)
Bentley: 1919-1931
"Autocar", 1978 (Ref. No. B1919-31)
Bentley: Cricklewood to Crewe
Michael Frostick, 1980 (Ref. No. BCC)
Bentley: Factory Cars - 1919-1931
Michael Hay, 1998 (Ref. No. BFC)
Bentley: Fifty Years of the Marque
Johnnie Green, 1969 (Ref. No. BFYM)
Bentley: Lighter Moments with Our Heavy Metal
The W. O. Bentley Memorial Foundation, 2001 (Ref. No. BLMOHM)
Bentley: The Story
Andrew Frankel, 2003 (Ref. No. BTS)
rcm... Bentley: The Vintage Years - 1919-1931
Michael Hay, 1997 (Ref. No. BTVY)
(Available through
Bentley: Toute l'History
Cyril Posthumus, 1983 (Ref. No. BTLH)
Bentleys at Le Mans, The
J. Dubley Benjafield, M. D., 1948 (Ref. No. BLM)
Blower Bentley, Bentley 4 Litre Supercharged
Michael Hay, 2001 (Ref. No. BBB4.5LSC)
Book of the Bentley, The
Kenneth Ullyett, 1965 (Ref. No. BOB)
Cars in My Life, The
W. O. Bentley, 1961 (Ref. No. CML)
rcm...  Cars in Profile, No. 9: 4 Litre Bentley
Darell Berthon and Anthony Stamer, 1973 (Ref. No. CP9:4.5L)
Chassis 141: The Story of the First LeMans Bentley
Clare Hay, 2009
Climax in Coventry
Walter Hassan, 1975 (Ref. No. CC)
Coachwork on Vintage Bentleys
Nick Walker, 2005 (Ref. No. CVB)
Fifty Years with Motor Cars
A. F. C. Hillstead, 1960 (Ref. No. FYMC)
Full Throttle
Sir Henry "Tim" Birkin, 1932 (Ref. No. FT)
Halcyon Days: Recollections of Vintage Motoring
Rodney Dale, 1999
How and Where of the 8-Litre Bentleys, The
Stanley Sedgwick, 1972 (Ref. No. HWOF8LB)
Illustrated History of the Bentley Car, An
W. O. Bentley, 1967 (Ref. No. IHBC)
Index to Rolls-Royce and Bentley Periodicals, An
Tom C. Clarke, 1972 (Ref. No. IRRB)
Legends and the Thunder, The
Timothy Houlding, 1982 (Ref. No. LAT)
LeMans - The Bentley & Alfa Years: 1923-1939
R. M. Clarke (Brookland Books), c1999 (Ref. No. LMBAY)
Maintenance and Driving of Vintage Cars, The
Richard C. Wheatley and Brian Morgan, 1964 (Ref. No. MDOVC)
Motor Racing
S. C. H. Davis, 1932 (Ref. No. MR)
Motoring My Way
Stanley Sedgwick, 1976 (Ref. No. MMW)
My Life and My Cars
W. O. Bentley, 1967 (Ref. No. MLMC)
Other Bentley Boys, The
Elizabeth Nagle, 1964 (Ref. No. OBB)

Pride of Bentleys, A
John Adams and Ray Roberts, 1978 (Ref. No. APB)
Racing History of the Bentley, A
Darell Berthon, 1956 (Ref. No. ARHB)
Racing Motorist, A
S. C. H. Davis, 1949 (Ref. No. RM)
Restoration of Antique & Classic Cars, The
Richard C. Wheatley and Brian Morgan, 1964 (Ref. No. RACC)
Restoring Speed Six GJ 6686
Brian Morgan, 1980 (Ref. No. RSS)
"Road & Track" on Rolls-Royce and Bentley: 1950-1965
"Road & Track" (Brookland Books), 1984 (Ref. No. RRB50-65)
"Road & Track" on Rolls-Royce and Bentley: 1966-1984
"Road & Track" (Brookland Books), 1984 (Ref. No. RRB66-84)
Silverstone '86
T. John Foster (Bentley Drivers Club), 1986 (Ref. No. SS86)
Speed Six!
Bruce Carter, 1966 (Ref. No. SS)
Stanley Sedgwick: 1914-1996
Stanley Sedgwick (Bentley Drivers Club), 1996
rcm...  Technical Facts of the Vintage Bentley, The
Bentley Drivers Club, 5th Edition, 2007 (Ref. No. TFOVB)
Those Bentley Days
A. F. C. Hillstead, 1953 (Ref. No. TBD)
Vanden Plas Coachbuilders
Brian Smith, 1979 (Ref. No. VPC)
Vintage Bentley Book, The
John Dowdeswell, 1962 (Ref. No. VBB)
rcm... Vintage Bentley in "Motor Sport", 1924-1947
John Dowdeswell, c1947 (Ref. No. VBMS)
rcm...   Vintage Bentley Manual
J. H. Haynes, c1962 (Ref. No. VBM)
W. O.: An Autobiography
W. O. Bentley, 1958 (Ref. No. WOA)
W. O. Bentley - Engineer
Donald Bastow, 1978 (Ref. No. WOBE)
W. O. Bentley, MBE: Summary of His Life and Work
V. L. P. Davis, 1988 (Ref. No. WOBMBE)
W. O. Bentley: The Man Behind the Marque
Malcolm Bobbitt, 2003. (Ref. No. WOBMBM)
Where Have All the Blowers Gone?
Stanley Sedgwick, c1970 (Ref. No. WHABG)



V I N T A G E    B E N T L E Y    R E F E R E N C E    M A G A Z I N E S
Click on thumbnails for larger view
BDCR - "Bentley Drivers Club Review", Bentley Drivers Club
(Ref. No. BDCR)
BDCA - "Advertiser", Bentley Drivers Club
(Ref. No. BDCA)
BDCP - "Preview", Bentley Drivers Club
(Ref. No. BDCP)
"The Flying Lady", Rolls-Royce Owners Club
(Ref. No. RROC)



V I N T A G E    B E N T L E Y    R E F E R E N C E    R E C O R D I N G S
Click on thumbnails for larger view

"Bentley: 1929-1930", source unknown (video cassette), c1988
(Ref. No. B29-30)
"Bentleys Racing in the Late 1920s", J. D. Medcalf (Bentley Drivers Club) (video cassette), c1990
(Ref. No. BRL20S)
"The Bentley Boys", Ashley Pearce (video cassette)
(Ref. No. BB)
"The Bentley Legend and Talking Rolls-Royces", G. W. Marshall (audio cassette), c1988
(Ref. No. BL)
"The Bentley Roar", Bentley Drivers Club (audio cassette), c1986
(Ref. No. BR)
"Vintage Bentley: Sonographic Series on the Road, #2", Nigensha ("Car Graphic" magazine)
(33 1/3 vinyl recording), 1972.
(Ref. No. VB)
"WO", "Queste" magazine (audio cassette), 1986
(Ref. No. WO)
Jan 19, 2018 - Info and photograph added for Registration No. GU 858
Jan 18, 2018 - Info and photographs added for Registration No. GP 42
Jan 17, 2018 - Info and photograph added for Registration No. UV 3070

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