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1926 Bentley 3 Litre    
Original 1925 Numbers
Chassis No. 1186
Engine No. 1169
Registration No. YL 4119
  This car - updated
Chassis No. 1186
Engine No. -
Registration No. YL 4119

(Updated with information from Vintage & Prestige. - September 2017)
September 2017
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Found on Vintage & Prestige website on September 7, 2017

1925 Bentley 3/8 litre Supercharged special

Chassis number: 1186
Registration: YL4119

Not one for the faint of heart; putting out 511hp at 3839 RPM. Affectionately known as: "The Missile".

Chassis 1186 started life as a 3.0 litre Gurney Nutting Saloon. In 1989 it was aquired by A. (andrew) J. Day who decided to build a 3/8 litre special with supercharger giving phenominal power.

Andrew built the car for racing but with the brief that it also be tractable for touring; a 6 1/2 Litre engine was thus sourced & upgraded to 8.0 litre specification. The Supercharger, manifold arrangement & drive chain case are all "one off" designs cast & machined accordingly. The billet crankshaft & carillo con rods are phoenix sourced items. The Supercharger is mounted parallel to the crank shaft & all is enclosed within the bonnet.

Steve Grosvenor was entrusted with the design drawings & pattern construction, he being a specialist design engineer, and a first class neat installation resulted. During development a new 8.0 litre block was used with American Arias Pistons, oversized valves, & a special cam shaft produced by Zephyr Engineering. The Exhaust system and "tuned sound" was constructed by "Len the pipe". Three SU carburettors complete the picture, two on the off side manifold & one tucked away to the front of the exhaust manifold on the near side.

The car has hydraulic drum brakes all round attached to original front & rear axles having tie bars to the front & tie rods to the rear. The D Type gear box drives through a heavy duty Borg & Beck clutch. On a rolling road the car was recorded as putting out 511BHP at 3839 RPM. The immense power means the wheels will spin in first second & third gears, 60 mph being attainable in first & 90 in second. A full quotient or instruments are fitted to the machine turned dash including a large Jaeger Tachometer.

The car is in pristine condition throughout & ready for serious road use or racing. It sports a gorgeous 2 seat boat tailed body that is rakish in the extreme & is finished in, needless to say, traditional British Racing Green.

This car is for sale as of September 7, 2017

  Source: Vintage & Prestige Classic Cars LTD
Posted: Sep 18, 2017
April 2016
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Found on NDR Limited website on Apr 8, 2016

"'The Missile' 3/8 Supercharged 1925 Bentley
Started life in 1925, Chassis No. 1186, this Speed Model 3 Litre was rebuilt throughout the 1990s by the then President of the Bentley Drivers Club, into its current form, including installation of an 8 Litre engine and a bespoke supercharger, creating the aptly named "Missile". The engineering is truly breathtaking and the detailing is exacting to every standard. This really is the ultimate in Vintage Speed, Performance and Style."

  Source: NDR Limited
Posted: Apr 08, 2016
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  Tour Britannia 2009  
  Source: Sports Car Digest
Posted: May 15, 2012
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  Bentley Drivers Club, 2008  
  Source: Picasa, posted by user 'Bob'
Posted: May 15, 2012
May 2008
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Offered for sale by Stanley Mann Racing

On May 3, 2008 Stanley Mann states on his website that this is "the ultimate vintage Bentley with a top speed of over 160mph and over 550bhp (travel with the gods)... Very tractable and having a fortune spent on her in the last 12 years".

Stanley Mann says there's loads of paper work with this Bentley, "so even reading about her in bed gets exciting". He further says that this car has won several trophies in competitive VSCC and BDC events.

  Source: Stanley Mann Racing
Posted: May 05, 2008
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This is a paddock scene at the Vintage Sports Car Club Brooklands Sprint Meeting in 2007.

Number 120 is 3L Chassis 1186, Reg YL 4119. This is now a blown 3/8.

  Source: Chris Card
Posted: Jan 31, 2008
In England in 2006 / Owned by a BDC member
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  Silverstone 2001  
  Source: Thamesmog, UK
Posted: May 15, 2012
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  Source: From article, Blown Away Published in "Classic & Sports Cars", May 2000
Posted: May 12, 2008
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Bentley Drivers Club meet

  Source: Robert McLellan
Posted: Nov 25, 2006
Chassis No. 1186
Engine No. 1169
Registration No. YL 4119
Date of Delivery: Sep 1925
Type of Body: Saloon (Weymann)
Coachbuilder: Gurney Nutting
Type of Car: SP
First Owner: GREENALL E
  More Info: Michael Hay, in his book Bentley: The Vintage Years, 1997, states: "New - BA 1196 FA 896 S/col 1192 G/box 549 (A?). 2/4 seater fitted 1930s. Engine SE 12 fitted 1930 was 698 ex ch. 693. ?698 and SE 12 the same engine - 698 rebuilt as a Stock Engine? Damaged in fire - rebuilt as two seater with new 8 Litre engine, supercharged."  
  Posted: Mar 01, 2007  
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