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1924 Bentley 3 Litre    
Original 1924 Numbers
Chassis No. 675
Engine No. 682
Registration No. XU 2736

  This car - updated
Chassis No. 675
Engine No. 682
Registration No. XU 2736

(Updated with information from Walter J. McCarthy. - June 2007)

"I was looking for the present whereabouts of XU 2736, a 1924 red label. I believe it was imported into the US and owned by a Mr Walter J. McCarthy about 10 years ago. I am familiar with the car from my youth in the U.K., when it was looked after by Graham Rabjohns, a long term prior owner. Graham’s son David now lives in the US and has many photos and happy memories of XU 2736 and I’d love to surprise him by tracking it down, if the owner would be willing. Any direction would be most gratefully received."

  Source: Jeremy Parfit
Posted: Nov 02, 2017
October 2012
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This photograph was taken at New England Region BDC Tour, 2012. Reg XU 2736 is the car on far-right in the background.

  Source: Edward LaBounty
Posted: Oct 09, 2012
October 16, 2010
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Bentley gathering at Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club on October 16, 2010

  Source: Edward LaBounty
Posted: Nov 17, 2008
In USA in 2008 / Owned by a BDC member
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These photographs were taken by Edward LaBounty during the 2008 NAVBM.

  Source: Edward LaBounty
Updated: Dec 01, 2008
Updated: Nov 24, 2008
Posted: Oct 03, 2008
May 2008
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These two photographs of Chassis No. 675 were taken during the North American Vintage Bentley Meet in Stowe, Vermont, in 2008. The first photograph shows car with the top up for the first time since we have owned the car. Second photograph shows car in the town of Johnson, Vermont.

  Source: Walter J. McCarthy
Posted: Jun 06, 2008
May 2008
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During the North American Vintage Bentley Meet 2008 in Stowe, Vermont.

Reg XU 2736 is seen left-foreground.

  Source: Kurt Furger
Posted: Jun 04, 2008
June 2007
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"I purchased this car in 2006 and used it on the NAVBM run in Cooperstown NY. Everything seems in order and we had a great time."

  Source: Walter J. McCarthy (Owner)
Posted: Jun 06, 2007
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NAVBM 2007.

  Source: Edward LaBounty
Posted: Feb 09, 2009
In USA in 2006 / Owned by an RROC member
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1924 Bentley 3 Litre
Body Style:
Mileage: Call
Exterior: British Racing Green
Interior: Black

"1924 Bentley Chassis #675, engine #682, 3 Litre with original long-wing, LeMans-style alloy body by Vandenplas. Exhaustive restoration by Hofman & Burton with hydrualic brake conversion, recently totally rebuilt. Nice older BRG paint with older trim; rear Auster screen & full side screens & tonneaus."

  Source: Donald G. Meyer
Posted: Mar 06, 2006
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Chassis No. 675; Engine No. 682; UK Reg. No. XU 2736

'In designing the "Bentley" car the object has been to put on the road a Sporting Car which while having all the desiderata of comfort, control and sweetness of running, shall be capable of really high speed . . .' — Bentley Motors Ltd. sales brochure, 1922-23.

The immortal 3-litre model marks the foundation of the Bentley legend. It was the first model built by Bentley Motors Limited of Cricklewood in North London — the first complete automotive creation of Walter Owen Bentley to bear his name.

Sales commenced in 1921 although production was not properly developed until 1922. Even so, 141 of these cars were built during their first year, all on a 9ft. 9½in. wheelbase chassis length.

From the beginning, 'W.O.' insisted that all his cars should carry a five-year guarantee, a telling reflection of his faith in his own and his company's skills. The only exception to the five-year guarantee policy was the one-year warranty applied to the 18 100 m.p.h. Super Sports chassis produced since these were intended expressly for competition.

Bentley fully intended to promote his new cars by racing them and by supporting competition-minded customers. Bentley ran cars in any event they stood a chance of winning, beginning with a factory team of three flat-radiator 3-litres entered in the 1922 RAC Tourist Trophy race on the Isle of Man. They won the Team prize.

For 1923 an alternative 10ft. l0in. wheelbase chassis was introduced, fitted with the new B-Type gearbox offering wider ratios, while a TT Replica was offered on the standard chassis using a 5.3:1 compression version of the four-cylinder 16-valve engine and a body built by the respected company of Vanden Plas.

During 1922-23, Bentley Motors claimed maximum speeds of 75 m.p.h. for the 10ft. lOin. chassis, 80 m.p.h. for the 9ft. 9½in. and 90 m.p.h. for the 9ft. 9½in. TT Replica.

  Source: Christie's Auction of Jaguar, Aston Martin, Lagonda and Bentley Automobiles in Monaco catalog, May 3, 1989
Posted: Dec 29, 2006
Chassis No. 675
Engine No. 682
Registration No. XU 2736
Date of Delivery: Jun 1924
Type of Body: 4-seater
Coachbuilder: Vanden Plas
Type of Car: ST
First Owner: HILL J B
  More Info: According to original Vanden Plas Coachbuilder records, this car was originally fitted with Body No. 1079 with a 4-door Sports; 7/1924.

Michael Hay, in his book Bentley: The Vintage Years, 1997, states: "Vanden Plas body no. 1079. Hydraulic brakes, 4.5 Litre diff casing and s/col."
  Updated: Jul 04, 2007
Posted: Mar 01, 2007
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