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1931 Bentley 8 Litre    
Original 1931 Numbers
Chassis No. YM5027
Engine No. YM5027
Registration No. GY 7850

  This car - updated
Chassis No. -
Engine No. -
Registration No. GY 7850

(Current owner / former owners, please come forward with further updates. - February 2018)
In England in 2006 / Owned by a BDC member
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  Source: Auto Classics
Posted: Feb 01, 2018
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World Cup Rally 1974. Driven by Keith Schellenberg.

  Source: Forum Auto
Posted: Mar 06, 2009
London-Sydney Marathon
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Keith Schellenberg in the grand old lady of the Marathon

Car 84, sole Bentley
entrant in the Marathon

The car at Bombay in India.
In the backdrop is the
Gateway of India

Read about this below...

The route...

Keith Schellenberg 1930 Bentley Sports Tourer in the 1968 London-Sydney Marathon.

Keith Schellenberg's vintage Bentley (Car no. 84) was among the 56 car entrants from Gt. Britain — the oldest car participating, and the only vintage Bentley (in fact the only Bentley).

Unfortunately, the car was involved in an 'accident' in Turkey, and though it recovered from it, it fell far behind and could not make it in time to Bombay (now renamed Mumbai), on the western coast of India from where the cars were to sail to Australia (Fremantle) for the last leg of the rally (finishing at Sydney).

The Schellenberg Bentley covered the following route: London - Paris - Turin - Belgrade - Istanbul - Sivas - Erzincan - Teheran - Kabul - Sarobi - Delhi - Bombay

What happened to Chassis no. YM5027 in Turkey
(extracts from various reports written at the time)

"...Car 84. K. Schellenberg, British entry... Turkey (also) claimed the oldest car in the rally, the 1930 eight-litre Bentley Tourer of British adventurer Keith Schellenberg. He stopped his heavy car on the edge of a road, only to have the bank collapse and deposit the Bentley on its side in the gully below... sadly ending its quest in the Marathon, before Erzincan."

"In the end there were 100 entrants, 98 of which actually started from Crystal Palace. Unbeknown to the competitors, Jack had been told by P&O, the shipping company, that there was space for only 70 cars on the ferry from Bombay to Perth in Australia. As a result everyone on the organisational side was hoping that there would be serious attrition on the way to Bombay. As luck would have it, 72 cars actually reached Bombay, and with a bit of judicious pushing and shoving, all 72 were squeezed onto the boat. Sadly it did not include the Schellenberg Bentley which had gone off the road, arriving in Bombay after an epic recovery to find that the boat had sailed..."

"Vintage 8-liter Bentley of Keith Schellenberg had developed a split oil line and was one of the few cars to be penalized on the road. It eventually retired when the dirt road beyond Sivas (a place in Turkey) proved incapable of supporting its weight."


This is how Alan Sawyer had described the Turkey portion of the route prior to the start of the rally:
In Turkey, chaotic traffic conditions may exist in the last few miles into Istanbul. The ferry across the Bosporus to Asia runs every 15 minutes and the crossing takes about 20 minutes. Those minutes are vital to drivers who have raced non-stop across Europe to earn them valuable time. The roads for the eastern half of Turkey are reasonably good and, except for heavy lorries, relatively free of traffic. The Turkish truck drivers are unused to cars travelling at faster speeds than they can, so Marathon drivers must use special care overtaking.

The section from Sivas to Erzincan will be a moment of truth for many drivers. The unsurfaced road with ball-bearing gravel should effectively destroy any competitor's illusions that the Marathon route presents no motoring problem.

  Source: Marathon 68
Posted: Mar 09, 2009
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  Source: eBay
Posted: Sep 03, 2013
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Car in the photograph
bears Reg. No. JVE 820
on the number plate


  Source: Article The 8-litre Bentley — JVE 820 in Halcyon Days: Recollections of Vintage Motoring by Rodney Dale, 1999
Posted: Mar 26, 2008
Chassis No. YM5027
Engine No. YM5027
Registration No. GY 7850
Date of Delivery: Jul 1931
Type of Body: Limousine
Coachbuilder: H J Mulliner
Type of Car: 13
First Owner: W.F. Watson
  More Info: Michael Hay, in his book Bentley: The Vintage Years, 1997, states: "F/8054. 4 seater on 12'71/4" WB for 1969 London-Sydney rally. Previously fitted and raced with supercharger."  
  Posted: Mar 01, 2007  
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Feb 19, 2018 - Info and photograph received from Dean Montgomery for his Chassis No. VA4084
Feb 17, 2018 - Info and photograph received from Lionel Burrell for his Chassis No. 110
Feb 16, 2018 - Information received from W.G.R. Smith for Registration No. UC 4000

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